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Education for those making a difference.
The Official Meeting Site of the Wound Healing Society
The Meeting Made for Difference Makers
April 6-10, 2022 | Phoenix, AZ

Attend the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring this April and be on your way to joining your fellow Difference Makers who are clinicians like you, dedicated to the movement to provide better care and better outcomes. You'll receive invaluable wound care education that you can put into practice to improve the lives of your patients.

Who Should Attend?

SAWC Spring/WHS serves as a forum to connect the entire wound care team.

Nursing Professionals
Physician Assistants
Physical Therapists
Healthcare, Sales, and Marketing Professionals
This was my first time attending SAWC ! I walked away with an armory of tools to assist my high risk patients . Every case made me think of a name of a patient that I was going to call into office and develop a new and effective plan of care, many of which I could do independently in clinic. I’m hooked and plan to make SAWC an annual necessity of my professional journey !
A conference for anyone, any discipline and any practice type if their patients have wounds or comorbidities like Diabetes, edema, inflammatory disorders. Great for surgeons whose patients are increasingly sicker and don’t heal as well as they did
An exceptionally valuable and informative conference which will improve the care of my patients.
To me, SAWC is the preeminent wound care symposium in the US. It’s truly multidisciplinary and irrespective of your degree and training, there’s a tremendous opportunity to interact and learn with the “giants” as well as rising stars in wound care.
This was my first time attending SAWC Fall and it was a great experience. It is so nice to have access to the latest updates in wound care and learn from some of our national experts. It was refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues, eager to learn.
SAWC is the go to source for all your wound care educational needs from basic tenets to cutting edge research, everything is here.
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